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I've known Terry for about 40 years, an absolute craftsman. It's really hard to compete with him; he's a great tooler, a hard worker and a super guy. We've been friends for many years, but I send him all of my leather work because of his skill. People come to me for belts, buckles, wallets, purses, hat bands, you name it...and I go to Terry.

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Terry Lankford is a good man and truly a modern master at his trade. He's an old soul whose creative principles are founded upon the integrity of the ancient boundary marks. The results are timeless works of art. His medium is leather.
When it comes to creating with leather Terry is unparalleled. His works are instant classics. Masterpieces for the ages. He has created and tooled guitar straps, guitar covers, guitar cases, chaps, boot bags, saddlebags, briefcases, suitcases, belts, watchbands as well as a small line of furniture for me.
Somewhere along the way we both went crazy and decided that the interior of my tour bus needed to be tricked out in leather and then hand tooled. I don't travel in it anymore but that bus remains the coolest ride in the history of country music courtesy of Terry Lankford.
As far as I'm concerned, my friend Terry Lankford remains one of the coolest characters on Planet Earth.
He's the best.
Marty Stuart 
(musician, song writer, performing artist)

Received the belt a couple of weeks ago; it fits and the workmanship is outstanding. 
Thank you! 
Shawn Doblado